the little things.

I’m feeling very sentimental & lovey-dovey today…so I’ve decided to write a post about my best friend, the love of my life, my #1 adventure buddy and partner in crime…my hubsby, Eric. 🙂 For some background stories on us that I wrote on my old blog… go here to read A Brief History of Nic … More the little things.

my bucket list.

Inspired by friends, articles I’ve read online, and allllll of the stuff that I’ve read about setting goals, I’ve decided to share my bucket list with you. I sat down to write this list soon after I got married – and while it is in no way complete [because I don’t think I’ll ever stop … More my bucket list.

embracing my WEIRD.

This post is going to be all about my struggles with embracing my innermost ME and letting my Authentic Self shine. This topic has been a theme of conversations I’ve had, articles & books I’ve read, and lessons I’ve been learning in the last few weeks, and I really want to start talking about it … More embracing my WEIRD.