what is life for?

“What is life for? It is for you.”
– Abraham Maslow

Hi there and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

So here we are…2014! And I’m sooooo excited for the year ahead!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while [and/or if you know me outside of my blog], then you probably know that I love love LOVE to reflect. I like to think about & reflect on my experiences…why I think/respond in certain ways, what’s working for me & what isn’t, how I can be a more effective communicator, what I can do to better manage my time, what are my limiting beliefs, etc. etc. etc.

I do this type of reflection all the time [read: many times a day, every day of the year], but this year [or should I say “last year”] I decided to do something different. I sat down and wrote out some Top Ten lists for 2013. I did this because while I DO spend a lot of time during my day to day reflecting and such, I still find that years seem to go by in the blink of an eye…and I didn’t want 2013 to get piled on top of the other blurred-together years of my life.

It was a somewhat difficult exercise for me…and also very rewarding. Given that I like to talk & write [a lot], I challenged myself to keep my lists to TEN [or less], to make sure that I was really thinking about the impact that certain events & moments had on me.

I wrote Top Ten lists in the following categories:

  • Most influential moments
  • Biggest challenges/learnings
  • Commitments for 2014
  • Pillars of support
  • Books [ummm, only read EIGHT books this year… -_- oh, and that totally counts books I read with my ears]
  • Movies [watched more than 10, but didn’t watch 10 that were list-worthy for me]
  • Funniest moments
  • Ordinary moments with E [moments that may happen almost every day, that I’m reminding myself to recognize and be grateful for]
  • Ordinary moments in Life

I committed to writing the first things that came to my mind, to keep myself authentic and to refrain from over-thinking things. Most likely, if I had to really think about it, it didn’t belong on the list. The whole process took me less than 90 minutes…and I was happy to spend 90 minutes reflecting on 525,600 minutes of my life.

All in all, I really enjoyed doing it. I think of it as a nice way to honor 2013, while using the lessons I learned in 2013 to propel me into 2014.

I’m also moving away from “New Year’s Resolutions” this year, if only for strictly psychological reasons. In the past, I’ve fallen into the trap of getting really excited for the year ahead by coming up with 20,000 resolutions, working myself to the bone on those resolutions, losing sight of said resolutions within the first few months of the year, and then slowly slipping into a place of self-loathing because I was such a failure at LIFE. Can anyone else relate?!

This year, I’m taking a step back. I’m recognizing that in order to DO what it takes to achieve my goals, I need to BE a certain way first — and in the past I’ve spent far too much time focusing on the doing, and not nearly enough time focusing on the BEING.

Be –> Do –> Have.

I’ve heard it hundreds of times before and have logically known what it means for years…and now I’m finally incorporating it into my LIFE. [*insert goosebumps from excitement here*]

With that being said, this year, I decided to write a Vision Statement for 2014, and really, for the rest of my life. But I gave myself a strict time limit [2 chunks of 45 minutes each] so I wouldn’t spend forever trying to “perfect” it. I can always modify/add/remove things in the future!

new visionI am SUPER proud of it, and am feeling very empowered, excited, and energized after creating it! A big part of embracing uncertainty is resisting my urge to plan out every day of the year — I’m going to tone down my inner control freak and am going to be more like my roll-with-the-punches Hubsby!

This life is for us…so let’s take it by the horns! Here’s to an incredible 2014!!! 🙂

x Nicole


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