handling overwhelm.

“This constant, unproductive preoccupation with all the things we have to do is the single largest consumer of time and energy.” ~ Kerry Gleeson Sometimes a girl just needs to have a little yell in her swimsuit. We are just shy of being 60 days into 2014, and it has already been a big year … More handling overwhelm.

valentime’s vacay & expectations.

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.” ~Michael J. Fox We’re back from our getaway…and it was INCREDIBLE. Eric and I had soooooo much fun together…unplugging, reconnecting, and adventuring galore. We were spontaneous and flexible, which made the whole trip even more incredible. I didn’t start … More valentime’s vacay & expectations.

three days away.

As Eric’s and my 6 month anniversary fast approaches [Feb 9], I’ve been feeling quite mushy-gushy-lovey-dovey and the like. Yes, those are totally feelings… In preparation for the video that we will be posting next week about the top 6 things we’ve learned in our first 6 months of marriage, I present to you the … More three days away.

the curse of can’t.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right.” ~Henry Ford In my pursuits of personal development, I have learned clarity of communication is nearly EVERYTHING upon which life is built. Self-talk [the little voice in my head] is where it all begins. When I am unclear about what messages I’m telling … More the curse of can’t.