a new blog intention.

“Action expresses priorities.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

If you assumed, based on my lack of posts from the last few weeks, that my blog wasn’t a priority for me, you were correct. Admittedly, I’d put it on the back burner and have been focusing on other parts of my life. I’ve read and am reading some captivating & insightful books, have had some wonderfully deep & enriching conversations, and also attended three wonderful weddings over the last three weekends.

I’m still figuring out what the heck this blog is all about. Sometimes I think that it “needs” to be strictly focused on the dissemination of useful information. Other times I think that it should just be about whatever I feel like writing about. I’ve decided to shatter my previously fixed beliefs about my blog “needing” to look a certain way, and will be moving forward with less restrictions on “how it looks” and more focus on this single intention:

I intend to share openly & authentically from my heart.

Even just articulating that intention gave me a little burst of energy and excitement about my blog, which I haven’t felt in weeks! So instead of committing to a post every X days or for each post to have Y structure — all future posts will be written in accordance with the aforementioned intention. WOOHOO!

The end. 🙂

x Nicole


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