accomplishing commitments… one bite at a time.

“How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time!”

In this time of reflections & commitments, I’ve [yet again] decided to take a new approach at accomplishing things. While I strictly do not support the eating of elephants [or anything other than honoring and loving them!!!]…the above quote does an excellent job of analogizing a common problem I have have encountered. And I know I’m not alone in this.

Here’s the scene:

I’m doing a “mind sweep” [as advised by David Allen] – getting everything that’s zooming around in my mind onto paper. As I write, I feel excitedYES! I’m finally getting these things out of my head!

But then…as I run out of items to add to my list and pull away from the paper, my eyes go wide. O_O Holy sh*t, that’s a LONG list! WHAT DO I DO NOW?! *crawls back into bed and pulls sheet over head*

Ring any bells?

Here’s my new plan: one thing at a time. one “bite” at a time. one day at a time. here. now. focus. presence. one.

I used to think I was missing opportunities if I didn’t commit to accomplishing many multiple things at the same time. The end result was that I rarely accomplished even two things from my huge lists.

Instead of committing to doing a million things at a time to accomplish a billion things a day, I’m committing to ONE thing at a time.

Instead of setting 30-day commitments, I’m setting ONE-day commitments. I’m meeting myself where I am, and will mindfully grow into my commitments as my consistency improves!

Here’s my ONE commitment, and I’m taking it ONE day at a time:

Do a morning & evening check-in every day.

I get my day started by getting focused: I do a PMES check-in (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual), set an intention for the day, and write out 3 things to achieve by the end of the day.

Before going to sleep, I reflect: I celebrate my victories, and reflect on what helped me achieve them. I examine the victories I’m not celebrating, and reflect on what got in the way of me reaching them.

It’s a less-than-20-minute-commitment per day, yet its positive impact has already been widespread for me. What impact might 20 minutes of mindful planning & reflection have on your day?

xo Nicole

PS – I’m doing it all in this handy dandy Desire Map Day Planner! Isn’t it gorgeous?! 🙂


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