when he tells me he loves me, i tell him “i know” and here’s why…


Dear Baby,

When you say you love me and I tell you I know…it’s because of the way you grab my hand and hold it even if we’re only walking to a place ten feet away from us. When you snuggle me, you keep pulling me closer like I’m never close enough for you. You shower me with kisses, hold my hand while you’re driving, wrap your arms around me when I’m doing dishes, and rarely let me walk by you without giving me some sort of hug, pet, kiss, or loving scratch. It’s in the way you can look at me from across a small table or a huge room full of people and I’ll know exactly what message you’re sending me…whether we’re making faces at each other and giggling wildly, or sharing a private I love you amongst the masses.

I know because you take care of me perfectly…you usually know what I need before I know it myself. You’ll lay in bed and watch five hours of Chopped with me when I have the worst food poisoning of my life. You envelope me in your arms when I’m about to lose it for one reason or another, and you squeeze me until I calm down and feel better. You make sure I have everything I need, whether it’s a meal, a kiss, a hoodie, a squeeze, a sounding board, a place to vent or anything in between…you’re always there for me with all you’ve got, and I know I can count on you no matter what.

I know because you share your Truth with me. You reveal all of your fears and dreams to me. You are your Authentic Self with me and you trust me with your entire heart. You’re a total goofball and you keep me laughing all of the days. You tell me about everything you think about and welcome me into your mind, teaching me to see the world through your eyes. You’re vulnerable with me, willingly feeling all of your emotions and acknowledging each one. You express deep gratitude and appreciation constantly to make sure I know how thankful you are to and for me. You light up when you share your passions with me, and your joy is wonderfully infectious.

I know because you support me in living as my Best Self, and love me through the difficulties I face in the process. You give me the benefit of the doubt and believe that when I’m acting crazy it’s not because I have mal-intent, but rather that I am mal-aware and have revealed a new opportunity for growth within myself. You hold no resentments against me when I’ve made a mistake – you accept my apology, genuinely forgive me, and authentically let it go. You hold space for me to process my stuff, and help me have breakthroughs and gain insights when I’ve got the blinders on. You celebrate my victories and sit with me through my tribulations, always offering me unconditional love & compassion.

I know because we’re teammates, partners in crime, best friends, and adventure buddies for life. Your devotion to our relationship is unequivocal. You show up fully and do your 100% to make our bond as incredible as it can be. You’re open to new learnings & practices, and together we have cultivated a marriage more incredible than I’d ever imagined a marriage could be. You hold my dreams alongside yours and are as committed to helping me achieve mine as you are yours. We make decisions together and you honor & respect my thoughts on everything from what to eat for dinner to when to grow our family. You’re flexible and spontaneous while staying true to your Authentic Self, and you’ve taught me how to be more authentically flexible and spontaneous, too

I know because no matter what Life sends our way, you’re always right beside me with my hand in your hand and my heart in your heart, ready to walk with me into the Unknown. (and it’s all Unknown, isn’t it?)

For these reasons and a squillion more, I know you love me. All ways, always…to infinity and beyond.

Thank you.

your deeply grateful & forever sweet/bad wife 🙂



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