The short Story of Us:

Eric and I met on October 2, 2007, when we worked together at the Doe Library on the UC Berkeley campus [where we were both getting our Undergrad degrees]. We became really good friends and went on our first date on August 9, 2008. We fell madly in love, and because we’d built our relationship on a solid friendship, everything seemed to fit. Of course we had our differences [and I had my Crazy & Weird that I was dealing with], but we knew very early in our relationship that we wanted to spend our lives together — to be precise, we had “the marriage talk” on August 25, 2008, and we never looked back.

5 years apartWe got married on our 5 year anniversary, and have been loving married life every day since!

And for the record, I call him my “hubsband” (or hubsby) because:

  1. I like to make up words, especially if it’s for a nickname for the love of my life
  2. I still feel really strange calling him my HUSBAND, because I feel old when I say that, and yet I still feel SO YOUNG inside

So yes, the spelling is completely intentional.

Here are some photos of us over the years…I say “some” because I have thousands more, but I’ve done my best to select a variety of them here. They should give you a totally accurate impression of our relationship. 🙂


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