who & why.


Since this blog is going to be all about ME and my life, perhaps it’ll be helpful for me to put things into context for you. (If you want to skip straight to the part where I write about what this blog is going to be about, check out the last paragraph on this page!)

For starters, my name is Nicole Mehta Strack.

I took my first personal development seminar at the ripe old age of 13, in July of 1999. I had no idea what to expect, but after my 4 days in seminar, I was hooked. Err, well, in theory I was hooked. I loved learning the various tools I could use to better myself and in turn my life, but it would be another decade before I’d actually start putting the tools to use.

My parents took my older brother Sean and me around the world from a very young age, and I’ve nurtured my love for traveling ever since. Check out my photography page to see a few of the pictures I’ve taken whilst adventuring around the world!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed documenting events, whether in writing, photos, or both. I’ve kept personal journals on and off since I was eight years old, and I got my first camera when I was ten or so. I think that I enjoy documentation so much because I’m highly “futuristic” (according to the Strengths Finders 2.0 test that I took — and also just based on how much I think about the distant future), and I like to document events & moments in the present so I can re-live them in the future. It’s a blessing and a curse, and I’m still learning how to balance being present and planning for the future.

I’m also married to an incredible man, Eric (aka – E), and you can read more about him & our relationship on this page!


What else…oh yea, WHY THE BLOG? Great question, Self.

I’m blogging because I want to share with you everything that I’ve learned as I’ve traveled (and very much continue to travel) my path of personal growth & development. My blog serves a dual purpose: through my blog, I satisfy my persistent urge to write about my experiences…and (hopefully) others can benefit from reading about them. I have no real agenda besides sharing myself authentically and honestly, and seeing where things go! [That means I’m not really limiting myself in terms of length of posts…so buckle up and get ready for some LONG @$$ POSTS. This girl can TALK].

For your reference, here are some pictures of me from a young age, and my FAMBLY.

x Nicole


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